An explosion of dynamic music

and entertainment!




How will your band dress for my private event?




Will the music be too loud for my guests to talk?



Will someone be available to make announcements and or MC my event? (Announce bridal party etc.)



How long does the band play, and how many breaks  do you take?






I am not hiring the band to play during dinner,

I really just want the band to help make the party

great, do you have to play  a set of jazz/standrds?




What happens when you are on break?






I may need the band to be available for more

 than the 4 hour time period, or what if we want

the band to play some extra time. How would

that work?



If we have a special song that we need the

band to learn for our dance is this possible?





We will arrive on time, dressed professionally, and have all setting up and sound checking finished prior to the arrival of your first guest.


Remember, You control the volume, if it’s a little too loud please let us know so that we can adjust levels to your liking.


We are happy to M.C. your event, announce the bridal party, cake cutting, work with the on-site manager of the facility or event coordinator to help keep things running on schedule.



Our price is based on 3 hours of music over a 4 hour time period. Typically 3 - 60 minute sets of music consisting of 1 set of jazz/standards during dinner or cocktails and 2 - 60 minute dance sets.  With this scenario there would be a total number of 2 - 30 minute breaks. (Band will perform for a total of 180 minutes.)



No, we do not have to play the during dinner or cocktails. We always have a IPOD/IPAD player connected to our PA system, so we can play some music during cocktails or dinner. In this scenario the band would play 2 - 90 minute dance sets. (A total of 180 minutes of music.)


We always have a IPOD/IPAD connected to our PA to play music before we start playing and during breaks. This is also a good time to take care of any announcements, ie…doing toasts, cake cutting, garter/bouquet etc. OR... ask about the Band/DJ Combo Package.


If we are asked to play extra time, you would be charged at an hourly rate based on the total amount you paid for the band, divided by four. (30 minute minimum at $250)




We will try to accommodate learning a special song for you when possible. We would require that you provide us with a recording of the song that you need for us to learn at least 1 month before your big day. Note: There are some exceptions to this rule, lets talk about it.